Collaboration & New Relationships

bloom-blossom-flora-40797We are dying for Spring here in MN. Dying sounds dramatic, but honestly, the feeling around here is dramatic as we wait for the snow to stop falling. By May.  As we suffer, though, we have had a bright light shining on our life and business by the way of collaboration and new relationships! We’ve been offered an opportunity to private label soaps and make custom toiletries for our friends Eve and Dave who recently purchased a 130 year old Victorian home with a vibrant BnB business!

This is very exciting. It’s really incredible to see people pursuing their dreams. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to work with a customer and learn to craft our products to meet their needs. As a start they’ve ordered three scent varieties and with half of each batch cut into guest size soaps and half of each batch cut to full size and packaged for retail sale.  The guest size soaps were wrapped in three different shades of tissue paper and labeled ‘handmade soap’.  The full size bars were shrink wrapped and labels were created with their previous branding in mind, an image of the home.

In addition to the soap, we are putting together 1 oz shampoo, 1 oz conditioner, and soaking bath salts – a wonderful, pampering experience!

Relationships like this are the very definition of ‘Shopping small’ and ‘shopping local’!

When we deliver their custom soaps to their business this weekend, we also get a chance to spend time with them & enjoy their generous hospitality first hand.



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