Order your custom soap.

We are taking orders for shipping from our new home in sunny California! We also have current inventory of the following scents:

  • Dragons Blood
  • Eucalyptus Mint
  • Orange Geranium Bergamot

If you would like a quantity of our current inventory of soaps, just send me a message!

We want to make soap especially for you. Tell us what you’re thinking, or ask us for ideas, and we will whip up 8+ bars of soap and get it in the mail to you after it is cured.

*Please note – Cold Process Soap takes 30 days to fully cure for optimal use, your soap will be delivered to you after that point*

Choose the variety of soap you would like & stock up!

Some customer favorites are Blood Orange Patchouli, Mint Eucalyptus, Lemon Cranberry, Dragons Blood, Black Raspberry Vanilla. Get creative – we have a lab full of supplies to meet your needs.

$40.00 + $7.75 shipping. If we have a sale on or you have discussed a quantity discount with us, that will be reflected in our invoice to you.

Just fill out the info below and I will send you an invoice via paypal within 48 hours! Any question – contact me by email at info@bsidesoap.com.

(If you are interested in buying our soap but not ready to go all in on a custom order, send us an email and we may have some retail bars available to purchase – it’s worth asking!)