What ingredients are in your soap?
A: Olive, coconut and palm oils. Lye.
Water. Fragrance – sometimes essential oils, sometimes fragrance oils. Colorants.

What makes your soap special?
A: If you’re our kind of picky, you may like soap that has a very clean rinse,
not much ‘slip’ or ‘sliminess’ and acts as a humectant. For us, this is what makes our soap special.

Can I find your soap at markets? Do you keep an inventory of soap?
A: We rarely do markets, but when we do we advertise it on our Facebook page; follow us! We are working towards keeping no inventory on hand but usually have something stashed away for our ‘regulars’. If you want to try our soap but not go all in on a custom batch, get in touch and we can send you a sample to try out – email us at

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